Spirit Chrysler Dodge Jeep - Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram oil change card

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I have been a loyal customer of Spirit Dodge in SJ for over 10 years as well as my daughter.I received a card in the mail for a $10 discount to have my oil changed, my daughters card had not arrived yet (we live at the same address)but felt sure that she would be able to take advantage of the discount since we have always gotten the cards before.

We were told "NO" that it was a corporate policy per service manager Ted...this is the way you treat your loyal customers ??Do you really think we would buy another vehicle there?

Review about: Oil Change.



Do you really think it's your rights to have a $10 discount? I'm

sure it's a courtesy thing (that a lot of company's do), it's not your right to have one.

You knock a company because they didn't give you a card for a $10 discount on an oil change, give your head a shake.

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